To all KFS Users:

One of the KFS Chart of Accounts attributes, most often seen as a field on the Accounting Lines is “Chart.”  Since the implementation of KFS in 2012, UConn has always had only the one “UC” Chart.  Beginning June 27, 2017, there will be two additional charts in KFS: AA (Accounting Adjustments) and FR (Financial Reporting). The addition of these two charts will not change how you enter Accounting Lines; they will only be used by Central Accounting. You will continue to see “UC” as the default chart on KFS eDocs, and the additional charts will not change any of the KFDM Standard Reports.

Since object codes are specific to each chart, you may notice the same object code in more than one chart when doing an object code lookup from the Main Menu. When doing an object code lookup from within an eDoc, and the UC account has already been entered, only the UC version of the object code will appear in the lookup.

In summary, you should not notice any change in your business processes relating the new charts. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

Thank you,



Annette Pavone, CPA
KFS Functional Coordinator & Accounting Manager
Accounting Office
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