5 Quick Facts about Controllable Property:

  1. Controllable Property includes ALL computers, and other items that are sensitive, portable, and theft-prone (laptops, tablets, Notebooks, cameras, projectors, etc.) and other items deemed controllable by the department.
  2. Controllable Property has a cost of under $5,000 (no minimum)
  3. A standard report “Controllable Property” is in the Capital Assets folder in KFDM
  4. Individual departments are responsible for tracking Controllable Property
  5. The KFS Object Code for Controllable Property is 8306

Part 1 of 5:

Tips on Categorizing Controllable Property

Controllable Property is tangible personal property with a cost under $5,000. It includes items that are sensitive, portable, and theft-prone in nature. These items are prone to theft because they are either not secured, are easily portable, contain new technology, contain sensitive data, and/or they are adaptable for personal use.

All computers (desktops, laptops, Tablets, Notebooks) are considered controllable. Each department should use discretion to determine which other types of items should be categorized as controllable. This may differ from one department to another.

Other types of equipment that may be considered controllable include:

Audiovisual equipment
Communication equipment
Cellular phones
External hard drives
Scientific equipment

It is possible that an item that is considered controllable in one department may not be controllable in another department. Here are a couple of examples:

Example 1:

A projector that is on a cart and moved from one room to another with several potential users: Controllable.
A projector that is installed in a ceiling in a locked room: Not Controllable.

Example 2:

A microscope in an open lab with widespread access: Controllable.
A microscope in a locked lab with limited access: Not Controllable.

Again, each department should assess which items should be controllable in their area depending on their business environment and the risk that certain items may be stolen.

Next Month’s Topic: Purchasing Controllable Property


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