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As a result of the Core-CT implementation, the new HR/Payroll system will now be the system of record for UConn’s departmental hierarchy. The current 5-tiered structure housed in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) is being replaced by an 8-tiered structure to be consistent with the Core-CT departmental hierarchy.  This change will take effect on 9/16 in KFS and will be reflected in KFDM on 9/17.  The MUD Table departmental hierarchy will remain intact within Genesys until the conversion to Core-CT on 9/26.

At the close of business on 9/16 we will execute the changes in KFS to update the department hierarchy to be reflective of the structure below.  In addition, users will be assigned new security permissions based on the responses we received from Organization Heads.

Currently in KFS Core-CT
(U) University

(E) Executive Level

(V) Division/Unit

(D) Department

(B) Sub-Department

(U) UOC-PRES – University

(4) UOC-DIVS – Division

(5) UOC-VP-CAB – VP / Cabinet

(6) UOC-AVP-DN – AVP / Dean

(7) UOC-DISGRP – Discipline/Grouping/Assoc Dean

(8) UOC-DEPT – Department

(9) UOC-SBDPT1 – Sub-Department 1

(T) UOC-SBDPT2 – Sub-Department 2


In preparation for this change, many of the KFDM standard reports will be updated on 9/17 with an additional filter which allows users the flexibility to select just a specific organization or all organizations which report to it.  Previously the only option was to select an organization and return all results within that organization including those which report to it.  It was necessary to add this filter so departments could get reports on accounts from higher level organizations without having to pull all subordinate organizations as well.  If you have custom written reports in KFDM which use this org hierarchy filter logic, please make note of this change as your reports may need to be updated.

Next Monday you will receive additional information, including a link to the new organizational structure.

Support and Questions:

The Finance Systems Team and KFS Subject Matter Experts have taken extra care to ensure this transition to the Core-CT departmental structure is as smooth as possible.  However, if systemic or security issues do arise, we stand ready to assist you.  If you encounter any KFS problems resulting from this change, please contact the Finance Systems Team through the UITS Help Center at 860-486-4357 or enter at ticket at

Thank you,

The Finance Systems Team