It has recently come to our attention that there are many enroute eDocs that can be approved by a Secondary Delegate. In many instances, the Secondary Delegate must approve the document because the Fiscal Officer has retired, or is on an extended absence.  Even if the Fiscal Officer has since been updated, eDocs that are routed to the original Fiscal Officer may still be awaiting action.

We are requesting that people check their Delegation Filter at the top right of the KFS Screen to see if there are items that need to be approved.  It will be sorted by name, but you can also choose “All Secondary Delegations”.


Note: If you do not see this filter at the top of your action list, it means you do not have any items to approve as a delegate. The filter appears and re-appears as needed.

If you have any questions about routing and delegations, please contact Annette Pavone at 486-2934.

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